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Dongtai Technology

Liaoning Dongtai Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a functional diatomite coating manufacturer. By use of its own diatomite resources, Dongtai Technology has been cooperating with a Japanese company and domestically famous universities and research institutes. Through introducing Japanese advanced technologies, Dongtai Technology has developed green, ecological, eco-friendly, healthy functional diatomite coating series, which are characterized by absorption and decomposition of hazardous substances like formaldehyde, respirability and moisture regulation, sound insulation and noise reduction, eye-protection soft color, odor elimination, fire-proofness and fire retardancy, mildew-proofness and mosquito repellency, energy conservation and eco-friendliness, thermal insulation function, coat-and-live, etc. With the functional diatomite coating as the carrier, Dongtai Technology has been committed to being a leader of indoor air environment improvement industry to provide consumers with wonderful healthy life!