Tungsheng Group's Core Business

  • Tungsheng Industry

    Tungsheng Industry has always been committed to developing the manufacturing industry based on the concept of service industry to enhance the flexible manufacturing capacity continuously, and to bringing the world a clean environment through Tungsheng's vital products!

  • Shengyu International

    Shengyu International has always been committed to providing quicker and more personalized services, lower cost and more direct and stable cooperation platform.

  • Tungsheng Plastics

    Tungsheng Plastics has always been committed to spreading the green environmental protection concept into Europe, the U.S.A. and Japan, with the ecofriendly plastic packaging products as the carrier, for the purpose of enhancing global consumers' life quality.

  • Industry Alliance

    Industry Alliance integrates the plastic packaging products industry with the Internet + thinking to get through the industrial chain and reshape the value chain, for the purpose of creating the "alliance" into an “ecosystem” with clear division of labor, respectively unique competitiveness and complementary advantages.

  • Tungsheng Diatomite

    Tungsheng Diatomite, with the mission of being “a leader of indoor air environment improvement industry”, based on our own diatomite resources, by use of Japanese new technologies, has always been committed to providing functional, healthy, ecofriendly, green diatomite products series which can decompose formaldehyde.

Tungsheng Group'sMainBrands

  • HA-FA Brand

    Create the Happy Life

  • LOHOM Brand

    Ideal Life Hall


    Your family health starts with "QINGYASHI"

  • DOMORS Brand

    Harmonious and Happy Life