Tungsheng's Advantages

Rapid response mechanism

         To  win the competition in the fast-changing era, an enterprise must have  the quicker speed than rivals. Tungsheng Group puts forward and imports  the systematic solution with innovative thinking, and  employs big data system to analyze customers' demands, which can meet  customers' "multi-item and quickly-delivered" procurement demands. Time  is the rarest resources in the digital era, while speed is the sharpest  weapon to triumph  over the rivals. Only through combining speed with price, quality and  service can an enterprise win decisive market shares. The leading edge  in the fierce market competition can bring Tungsheng great competitive  edges.


Flexible service and manufacturing capacity

       Rapid  development of modern technology increasingly shortens the cycle of  product updating. The diversified and personalized market has been  formed. In globally fierce market competition environment, comprehensive  competitive edges (market, R&D, manufacturing, organizational  advantages, etc.) are some fundamental factors for enterprises to win.  Our 17-year industrial experience contribute to meet the customers'  diversified, personalized demands, being Tungsheng's core competitiveness. Our products are oriented to multi-item, small-lot, multi-batch and short-term. Following  the concept of "developing the manufacturing industry based on the  concept of service industry", Tungsheng Group helps the customers  realize "zero" inventory and enhance unique flexible service and  manufacturing capacity continuously.


Unique resources edges

       Uniqueness  or inimitability of resources is one of main sources for enterprises'  market competition edges. On January 27, 2015, Inner Mongolia Tungsheng  Diatomite Technology Innovation Industry Park Co., Ltd. won the bidding  for the mining  right for the diatomite ore in Xiejiafang, Shangdu County, Inner  Mongolia. The mining area with simple geological environment is an  open-cut mine with an area of nearly 0.801 square kilometer and mining  depth of 1372~1340m elevation. Its diatomite ore reserves is up  to 6,500,000 tons, which can be mined for 33 years. The diatomite is  China's most unique diatomite. Its unique tubular structure has the  better respiratory activity (up to 4 times) and the stronger  moisture-regulating function, compared with other diatomite.


Platform-oriented incubation capacity

       Tungsheng  Group has our own unique innovation mode in such sectors as products  and technology, products and services, technology and market, etc. We  will incubate a conglomerate with several industry platforms based on  household plastic commodities and household diatomite commodities  through industry alliance mode. Currently, Tungsheng Group has built up  an industry alliance based on leading enterprises, integrated  advantageous resources of traditional enterprises, and  realized upgrading of traditional industry through industry innovation  and industry transformation. The integration of Tungsheng's intangible  assets and the allied enterprises' specialized manufacturing capacity  activates the allied enterprises' vitality, and also shares burdens for  governments and solves difficulties for troubled enterprises. Tungsheng  Group has always been committed to creating China's largest plastic  packaging products industry export base, which makes great contribution  to building Yingkou into “value highland and cost lowland” of the  manufacturing industry.