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Dongtai Fubo

Beijing Dongtai Fubo New Material Technology Co., Ltd. integrates diversified resources based on national "863 Program" to form an intellectual property rights system with core competitiveness. Through technology innovation and industry-university-institute integration, Dongtai Fubo performed efficient utilization of diatomite resources innovatively, and researched and developed the world's first multi-functional, ecofriendly formaldehyde-decomposing diatomite board, which filled in the market blank of functional board. Its birth indicates Tungsheng's fruits of 5-year efforts in the development of the eco-friendly diatomite new material. "Inner Mongolia Tungsheng Diatomite Technology Innovation Industry Park Co., Ltd."affiliated to Dongtai Fubo is specialized in development and innovative utilization of high-quality "tubular" diatomite resources, which provides cost-effective sufficient raw materials for Dongtai Fubo. Dongtai Fubo has kept a close R&D partnership with several Japanese universities, and set up a professional innovation team, for the purpose of marching in the industrial forefront. Currently, Dongtai Fubo has formed a comprehensive industrial chain integrating development of minerals, products R&D, processing and production, and sale, and is creating a diatomite project industry cluster with such concept as green production, circular economy, etc.