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Shengyu International

Shengyu International Development Co., Ltd. is an integrated service platform for procurement of plastic raw materials, characterized by “integration of industry and trade”, and having a provincial R&D Center. Its “raw materials + formula” integrated service mode wins the terminal customers' trust. Currently, Shengyu International is Northeast China's largest PE importer. Shengyu International has built close direct-supply partnership with global PE raw material petrochemical plants, such as SABIC, Sumitomo Chemical, Total Petrochemical, Chevron Phillips Chemical, Mitsui Chemicals, LG, etc., thereby ensuring our absolute price advantages and sufficient sources of goods. With the rapid development of plastics industry, Shengyu International has always been committed to providing quicker and more personalized services, lower cost and more direct and stable cooperation platform. Shengyu International cooperates with plastic products manufacturers and traders in East China, North China, Northeast China, South China, etc. to form a huge distribution network, which integrates their respective advantageous resources to serve the customers systematically.